Friday, September 22, 2017


During the summer, the dress of people gets shorter and thinner. Also, many women want to wear sleeveless clothes that are cool and nice. It is time to pay attention to the hair care that has grown in various parts of your body as well as the extra flab that have been hidden in your clothes.

These days, the hair removal trends have led to “bikini-line hair removal” and “Brazilian hair removal” aside from the basic arms and legs hair removal. Also, men tend to have hair removal to have good-looking and neat/clean appearance.
Today, Yakson will advise on “hair removal”, which is considered to be an etiquette to become a sensible modern man.
Few years ago, “hair removal” was considered as an optional beauty treatment in Korea. But now, even the invisible bikini-line and Brazilian, are becoming a trend that must be proceeded before summer, as well as arms and legs.  

So, what are the specific ways of hair removal? There are laser treatment, tweezers that can easily be done at home, and the waxing using warm and natural wax.

Hair removal using a razor has the advantage that it can be painlessly and easily done, but it has the disadvantage that the hair can be thicker and the duration is not that long. When using tweezers, it is important that it should be pulled 90 degrees so that hair root is not cut off. If the hair root is not completely removed, the hair may become rough and thick and it is difficult to see the semi-permanent effect of hair-removal.

It is important to make and keep the skin layer healthy during self-hair-removing. You should rub the part of your skin (the hair removal part) to stimulate, so that the skin circulation will be smooth and nutrition will be provided to your skin. When doing the massage, it is good to do it a bit hard, like your skin becomes slightly reddish, and it is good to apply nutritional serum or essence on your skin.

Other methods of hair removal include waxing and laser treatment. The duration of the effect of waxing is about 3 weeks and the pain is followed, but after 5 times or more, the hair roots will be removed and the hair will get thinner that the part your skin gets clean. After waxing, the skin is irritated and special care is required. Use a scrub agent to remove dead skin cells and apply moisturizing products to dry skin after waxing.

Finally, laser hair removal is usually performed in the dermatology. The laser is absorbed by the hair melanin pigment and the light turns into heat energy to destroy the hair. If the procedure is performed 5 times as usual package, 80 ~ 90% of your hair is permanently removed and the pain is also less. However, a person with a weak skin may have a risk of burning so consulting the dermatologist is required, before you proceed to the laser treatment. Moreover, when hot summer begins, inflammation is likely to occur after hair removal. 
Following the tips mentioned above, try to become a sensible 'hot guy' or 'pretty woman' through the hair removal suitable for you!

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Thursday, September 21, 2017


Women who have big belly sometimes receive this kind of question, “Miss, are you pregnant?”

A woman with a lot of belly or love handles, has limitation when choosing her cloths or fashion items.

Even though she wants to wear a tight fitting dress, there comes an inconvenience of wearing a corset or compressing stockings because of the big belly that is reminiscent of a pregnant woman.

If the abdominal obesity becomes serious, there will be an unexpected episode, such as being given stranger’s seat when using public transportation, due to the pregnant-woman-like figure

If you do not want your style to be limited by your shape, or if you do not want others to misunderstand you, check out these “ways to escape the abdominal obesity” right now.

What are The Causes of Abdominal Obesity?

Irregular eating habits, stress caused by overeating, and binge eating are the biggest causes of abdominal obesity. In addition, eating meat, flour, salty and strong-tasting food accumulate visceral fat, which is a shortcut to abdominal obesity. Aside from that, genetic causes, persistent alcohol consumption, and smoking also cause visceral fat and subcutaneous fat to expand waist line.

Visceral fat is the fat that accumulates in the internal organs of human body and subcutaneous fat is the fat that accumulates under the dermal layer of the skin. In order to accurately diagnose the cause of abdominal obesity, it is important to make sure whether the increased waist size is due to visceral fat or subcutaneous fat.

Effects of Abdominal Obesity on Health?

Korean women who have over 85cm waist circumference are considered to have the abdominal obesity.
Abdominal obesity causes metabolic problems and puts stress on your health. The most common illness is constipation. Other diseases include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, colorectal cancer, disc, etc.

In severe cases, abnormal blood circulation, caused by the abdominal obesity also affects the uterus that increases the risk of uterine disease. As a result, abdominal obesity is the source of all diseases by restricting the activity of the internal organs.

What are the Daily Habits that Prevent the Abdominal Obesity?

The most important thing is to change your eating habits. It is important to eat breakfast. When you skip your breakfast, your body will continue to be in the state of fasting / starving for a very long time. That is the reason why your body will need more sugar and fat that will finally be accumulated in your body. As a result, the abdominal obesity rate increases up to 30% higher than those who eat regular meals (3 meals) a day.

If you do not have enough time to have your breakfast in the morning, boiled eggs, milk, bananas, apples and other foods are suggested to save your time. Also, it is better to drink warm water and tea from time to time rather than just drink cold water.

It is also helpful to have aerobic exercises together with regular eating habits. Power walking, swimming, jogging, rope jumping and other aerobic exercise are very effective for the visceral abdominal obesity. Also, it is good to do the exercises in daily life such as light freehand gymnastics, sit-ups, etc. If you do not have enough time to work out due to your busy work, I recommend you to be supervised by an expert.

Yakson’s Care Program to Escape from the Abdominal Obesity

Yakson’s Skim Belly Care - abdominal care focused on cellulite removing. The fat will be lost and the functions of the organs become active. In addition, it gives a slim waist line that can be visually seen and provides elasticity on your skin. Above all, the pelvis will be corrected and the whole body line will be balanced.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Among the wrinkles, which are naturally occurring as people get older, there are people who have significantly deep and obvious “smile lines” (nasolabial folds).

The smile lines are hard to cover even with makeup, and they can give the impression that the person looks stubborn and older, which is considered as a problem not only for women but also for men.

Let's look at the causes of deep smile lines and ways to treat them, together with "Yakson House".

It is natural to have wrinkles as getting older, but wrinkles are a fatal enemy of anti-aging. The smile lines are not only difficult to cover with make-up, but also give a strong impression and stubborn appearance.

The causes of smile lines can be found not only in simple aging but also in the wrong habits of one’s life style. The habit of sleeping on one's stomach down that the cheeks get crumpled and the habit of using a high pillow are the worse postures to generate deep smile lines. Also, the habit of supporting jaw or the habit of pouting mouth cause smile lines.

To prevent having deep smile lines, it is best to take a sleep with a low pillow, lie down properly looking at the ceiling. It is good to refrain from frowning or making excessive facial expressions.

The progress of the smile lines also affects the skin condition. If your skin is dry and lacking elasticity, it can be one reason to encourage wrinkle formation. That is why, it is advisable to drink water from time to time and adjust the moisture and oil balance to maintain a resilient skin condition.

Also, avoid smoking and frequent chewing of hard foods. It is suggested to consume broccoli (Nutritious and good for preventing wrinkles), spinach (rich vitamin A and C), and beans (have excellent antioxidant effect and anthocyanin pigments which prevent skin aging).

Together with these home cares, more and more people these days are receiving help from experts. Aside from getting Botox injection or the other various treatments, the V-line lifting care in Yakson House, is favored by people in different age groups, especially from 20s to 50s. 

This program helps in skin re-generation and elasticity. It helps not only the shape of face but also the relief of wrinkles, which can be a great help in preventing and alleviating aging.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


The latest fitness trend among women in Korea has emerged – apple bottoms.
Rather than a preference for a thin and slender look, more and more women have been working towards a healthy and sexy image instead. Handfuls of active women with more toned bodies have gotten much positive attention in light of this trend. Completion of women's fascinating figure depends on the apple hips and the sexy and healthy apple hips in jeans are the goal of many women.
Apple hip is the most important part of completing the so-called 'S line', which refers to the shape of the apple-like shape of the buttocks. Especially when wearing tight skinny jeans, the importance of apple hip is more emphasized.

From now on, the global beauty esthetics – Yakson, will give you tips on how to make a perfect apple hip and how to manage it.

As a woman gets older, her hips become flattened. This is because the menstrual and reproductive cycle are repeated that the hipbone gets larger. Also, walking pigeon-toed is a major cause of flattening the buttocks.

Women office workers who sit long in front of the desk for a long time also have weakness in the pelvic muscles, which can lead to wider and flattened hips. If the pelvis is not contracted again, it may cause butt-sagging or fat accumulation. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper posture and care for the pelvis in everyday life.

To make pretty and perfect apple hips, it is a good idea to keep doing bottom-up stretching regularly. Hold the chair (use the navel-high one) and hold your legs together and lift one foot to the side while keeping your ankle at 90 degrees. From that position, move the legs up and down 30 degrees and repeat the set 5 times 30 times.

Next, (1) put your hands just below the shoulder, (2) kneels down, and (3) lie face down. After that, stretch one leg straight and start moving up and down the leg so that the pelvis is stimulated. Repeat this procedure for several times. For this workout, it is important to give strength to the abdomen and to be careful about stimulation on the hip.

Yakson’s Program
Hip-up Care - Proper management of the pelvis to make nicer style of dressing and to make alive, resilient and balanced hip and butt. The pelvis and pubis are formed nicely and it’s around muscles become resilient.

Moreover, by creating an ideal apple hip, you can even have a long-lasting effect that your lower body looks longer than before. Above all, it is effective in preventing female diseases.

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Monday, September 18, 2017


"Menopause" is a period of time for mothers who have lived a dedicated life for their children and families.

Menopause occurs with the pausimenia, when a woman's body arrives at senescence. Menopause comes not only because of hormones, but also when the children go to college, go to work, get married, or when there is a feeling that their environmental responsibility has reduced. So today, let 's look at the causes of the menopause and how to deal with it.

Usually women are menopausal in the middle of their 40s. During the aging process of the body, the functions of the ovaries get lowered, and symptoms such as menstrual irregularities and anovulation are seen. Eventually this leads to menopause.

Menopausal symptoms include facial flushing, insomnia, depression, cold sweats, lack of concentration, memory disorders, urinary incontinence, headache, arthralgia, fatigue, etc. Moreover, at postmenopausal period, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and dementia may also occur.

In fact, many menopausal women complain of wrists, ankles, waist, pelvic and joint pain, due to declined secretion of estrogen. Estrogen, a female hormone, plays a role in preventing calcium from getting out of the bone. However, such side effects occur when estrogen secretion decreases during menopause.

During menopause, as calcium is lacking, women tend to become worked up and sensitive. So, it is good to take calcium supplements such as vitamin D and magnesium. Also, it is important to consume regular dairy products, nuts, and fish (including its bones) to make bones strong.

In order to prevent menopause, a positive attitude is primarily important. It is suggested to study as a hobby, to meet people and to have a deep conversation about life, as effective ways to deal with menopause.

It is important to think of menopause as a natural rite of passage for all women. Above all, it is good to have a positive attitude towards everything, and to think that the woman who was once a daughter, a mother and a wife, is now one’s own woman to enjoy her genuine freedom.

Yakson’s Special Care for Menopausal Women 

Menopause Care - Care to maintain a beautiful woman's life even after middle age. Yakson’s head and facial care calms the facial flushing and back care smoothens back muscles and muscles of whole body.

In addition, Yakson’s pelvic care and bone therapy through the pelvis help in a style of dressing and strengthen the health of bones. Menopause care helps to relieve stress and make you feel mentally happy.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017


Spending some time to get to know new people is very important. However, in this busy modern society, you have to meet a lot of people in a short time, so you tend to judge them with their first impressions. The time of having a stranger's first impression is about 3 seconds to 5 seconds and some people would benefit from their first impression, while some people would not.
The first impression can be considered to be the basis for judging personality and ability. Let's see how you can improve your good impression when you first meet some strangers.

The first impression is a kind of "optical illusion." Depending on which point our senses perceive, one person may either be a favorable person or a negative person. In addition, the information first introduced as a primary effect, has a stronger influence on the overall impression-formation of an individual than the information received later, and it takes several times more energy to change the perceived impression. Especially in the busy modern society, we have to rely heavily on the afterimages of the first impression, so we have to work hard to manage the first impression or look.

One of the important factors to determine one's first impression is the skin. A person with blemishes such as spots, freckles, and acne, less likely to have a clean impression because those skin troubles make the person look dark and negative. Skin is one of the things you have to continually take good care for a lifetime. Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking, block ultraviolet light, and avoid instant foods and foods that have a lot of carbohydrates.

Second, it is a bright facial expression. The most important point that determines this is the lip. Westerners tend to have the muscles that make them smile, on the upper side of their lips, whereas the Asians have them on the lower side. Therefore, if you're an Asian, you need to focus more on making your smile brighter. Moreover, it is also important to keep your smile consistently. If you smile once and relax your muscles around the mouth, your look may be changed differently, so you should always consider making your smile as a daily task with a sense of tension.

Third, let's have grooming and proper attitude considering the time, place, and occasion. If you are well aware of the fashion that matches your time and place, and the hair and makeup that will make you stand out more that will help you make a good impression. In addition, your knowledge about the current issues and trends of the society and your smart attitude will improve your impression.

A good first impression is not made in a short period, but it is achieved through steady effort. Let your skin care, smile, and charming attitudes be important issues in your lifestyle and manage them more efficiently through professional cares or programs.

The facial care of Yakson House controls the factors that influence your first impression by relaxing the muscles and brightening/refreshing your head, chest, abdomen, arms, and skin tone. Many applicants waiting for their job interviews and office workers are regular customers in Yakson House.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


When going on a trip or in daily life, the most common and effective way to capture the nice moment of oneself is to have a SELFIE! Especially, your beautiful and confident smile will be a long remembrance over time. But even after years of practice, smiling photogenically is much easier said than done. There are, however, simple ways to look better in photos.

Below, we're highlighting the five tips our editors practice to fake the perfect smile in photos.

1. Smile with your eyes

When it comes to smiling for pictures, the worst offense is flashing a jack-o-lantern: all teeth, no eyes. In order for your smile to look authentic, you've got to bring your eyes into it and give what is called a Duchenne smile. A true Duchenne smile is naturally authentic, since it's very difficult to engage the muscles around the eyes unless you truly have something to smile about. Check out the difference in the mirror. Do you see how much less happy you look when your eyes aren't engaged? When you're smiling for a picture, pretend like you're smiling at someone you love. Your eyes will crinkle convincingly and your smile will look authentically beautiful.

2. Show some teeth.
It's not necessary to give a big, toothy grin, but showing some teeth in your smile will brighten your face. Try showing just your upper teeth, rather than smiling so big that all of your teeth are exposed. If you prefer a close-mouthed smile, that's fine - just know that you'll probably look more serious than everyone else in the picture.

3. Say a word that ends in "uh."
Photographers love to tell their subjects to say "cheese," but this tends to result in "cheesy" photos for two reasons. First, the "ee" sound stretches the mouth into an unnaturally, fake-looking smile. Second, your smile won't look authentic unless you're authentically cheerful, and being told to say cheese causes most people over the age of 8 to feel annoyed. The solution? Think of something you love that ends in an "uh" sound. Pronouncing "uh" causes the lips to form a more natural smile. Thinking of something you love also results in a natural smile. Doing both at the same time will help you produce your most gorgeous expression! For example, if you love a person named Elijah, think of him and say his name when it's time to smile for the camera. Any other person, place or thing works just as well, as long as it brings a smile to your face when you think about it.

4. Feel out an authentic smile.

If you're worried that the expression on your face in pictures tends to look fake, pay attention to how it feels next time your face cracks into a genuine smile - like when someone is making you laugh, or your favorite comedy is cracking you up. Ask yourself the following questions that will help you "memorize" the way your authentic smile feels: What feelings are flooding your brain when you flash a real smile? See if you can recreate those when you're in front of the camera. What position is your face naturally taking? If possible, glance in the mirror before your smile fades and make a mental note of what your genuine smile looks like. When it's time to get your picture taken, try to recreate the facial positioning that come together to create your most winning smile.

      5. Find your best angle.
Facing the camera head-on isn't the most flattering pose for most people. It flattens your features and can cause you to look a bit distorted in the photograph. Instead, show off your pretty bone structure by turning your head slightly to one side. If you have what you would consider a "good" side - a side that makes your features look finer - bare that side to the camera. While angling your face can make your picture look more flattering, it can also look contrived if you overdo it. Make sure your face is tilted at what looks like a natural angle. If possible, stand a bit below the camera, so that it's pointing slightly down at you instead of pointing up.

If you have heard a lot that you have pretty and natural smile, you will not have to worry about your smile. However, if it is a bit challenging for you, let's practice the smile while looking at the mirror. The natural smiling face is made with effort.

Even if you have successfully made a pretty smile by constant practice, if the symmetry of the face is not balanced, it is hard to convey nice impression to the people and to look honest. Asymmetry is usually affected by the usual eating habits, spines, pelvis, and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the whole balance of the body.

A favorable impression can be improved by usual facial expression and muscle workout. It is important to stimulate the facial muscles every day, but it is also essential to relax the muscles and smoothen the blood circulation.

Tips to Look Amazing in Pictures Through Yakson’s Special Care

The deformation of the face is affected by the change of body shape. At this time, balancing with bone therapy can create beautiful body shape and face. When the length of face and cheekbones are asymmetric, and when the left and right mouth corners rise differently when smiling, you can regain self-confidence by balancing the face care from head to toe.

Balanced face care not only gives you confidence in your appearance and selfie, but it also makes you look honest and make a good impression. Above all, you can find a balanced face and body which is very helpful for your health.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Before wedding, special care for the bride is not just optional but is “required.”

It is necessary, not optional, because wedding is one of the most special occasion in a lifetime. The bride should be more beautiful and shining than anyone else. However, when preparing for marriage, there are not one or two things to worry about, so it is really confusing to know which care to have or how to start it.

Bride before wedding, just be careful about this!

Forcing a diet before a wedding brings an abnormal signal to health. In severe cases, side effects such as hair loss and aging of the skin may occur. Therefore, it is good to try weight control through constant eating habit regulation.

In fact, it is not the weight but the line of shape that is important to the bride before marriage. The lines of the shoulders, back, and arms are the most visible parts when the bride wears a wedding dress.

The forearm and back are difficult to see the effect only in a short period of workout. Therefore, it is good to have a massage that promotes blood circulation and calms the swelling, preferably with exercise. The costs for the care of the bride cannot be ignored too. However, massage is like a manure, so it is very necessary for a woman especially when giving birth to a baby.

Women also need to receive intensive care from time to time starting from their youth, such as skin, health, and body shape care. This is considerably important especially before giving birth because it indirectly affects prenatal care.

One of the common problems that can be found in the brides getting married is the skin trouble. Women who have smooth and nice skin also suffers from skin troubles caused by stress. Considering that the period of the skin condition is about 28 days, it is good to have steady skin care at least 2-3 months before the wedding.

Especially, in the case of acne skin, acnes are mixed with body wastes and sebum in the pores to prepare for coming out of the skin. So it is good to relax body and mind and to conduct home care.

In order to make transparent and beautiful skin which is suitable for a white wedding dress, you have to be careful about cleansing and exfoliation. When cleansing, use a lukewarm water around 25 degrees, and use suitable cleansing and foundation products for your skin.

Moreover, if you are concerned about the dull, dark skin tone, it is good to eat green and yellow vegetables containing vitamin A. Aside from that, if you need extra moisture for your skin, you are recommended to have foods such as cucumber or the other food which contains a lot of water. If your skin is very dry, eat external blue colored fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel which contain rich unsaturated fatty acid. If you are worried about skin elasticity and laxity, constantly eat fruits such as lemons and oranges which contain rich vitamins.

Special care for precious brides

At global beauty esthetic - Yakson House, we have special wedding care for brides and grooms. This care program is focused on customized cares including whole body weight care that manages extra flab and creates the best condition.

In addition, the wedding care program is suggested to make the facial and shoulder lines look beautiful in a short period of time with appropriate care for those who have knotted muscles due to the stress of preparing for marriage. Customized skin care helps the brides’ makeup on the day of the wedding which leads to beautiful wedding pictures.

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