Friday, October 13, 2017


If you realize that as much as a third of your life is composed of sleep, you would get serious about your sleep.

Sleeping time, which is a necessary part of life, not only has a significant impact on the life of a person, but also has many correlations with one’s appearance.

Yakson will introduce "how to live well" even at the moment of sleeping which is important to oversee.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep occupies one third of the day and one-third of life. Such significant amount of sleep can be considered to determine the rest of the time or daily life, depending on how you spend your sleeping hours, which is an important part of your life.

Our genes are structured to make us sleep, and there are body functions that only happen when we sleep. Therefore, sleep is a necessary part of survival. It also restores the metabolism throughout the human body.

Healthy Sleeping Time

The sleep circulates in 1 hour and 30 minutes. REM sleep and non-REM sleep are performed in sequence, and this cycle is 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is recommended that you take a minimum of 4 hours of sleep, and it is a good time to take a sleep from 11:00 am to 3:00 am, for your health and beauty, as the liver and the gall bladder are active at this time.

When setting the rising hour, it is best to wake up before or after a deep sleep, based on a 1 hour and 30-minute cycle. If you wake up while having deep sleep, you are likely to feel tired all day long.

Sleep and Beauty

Proper sleep has a positive effect on skin and diet. While sleeping, the liver activates that it releases toxins and helps to regenerate the skin. In order to have a firm and clear skin, proper sleep is essential.

If you sleep less, do you think you would consume more energy and lose weight? You can think about it simply, but actually, if you do not have enough sleep, your metabolism will be decreased and you will consume less calories. Also, if you do not sleep well, the ghrelin hormone will increase and your appetite will increase. Therefore, there will be a tendency of not being able to control your appetite, due to the hormone imbalance.

Tips for Proper Sleep

1. 11 pm to 3 am, should be determined as the necessary time to sleep.
2. Turn off the lights and clean the bedroom.
3. Get up and sleep at regular times.
4. Recognize 1 hour 30 minutes sleep cycle and adjust sleep time.
5. Professional management for sleep is to make the skeleton straight and to make the circulation better. The whole body care of Yakson is famous for the therapy of letting the heat of the head down and make better quality of sleep.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017


There is a beautiful face shape in the background where celebrities can confidently smile from any angle. At this time, the beautiful face shape should not only be slim when viewed from the front but also should be smooth when viewed from the side.

Among such elements of beauty, the importance of the face shape became bigger than the past. However, those who have the perfect face shape are rare. There are more women with various troubles in their face shapes including square jaw, lantern jaw, and flat facial structure.

It is troublesome to have ugly jaw line, but the most painful “jaw surgery” cannot be easily operated. So, let's upgrade our confidence from now on through bone therapy of Yakson that can provide a sharp chin line or V-line without any surgical procedure. "You can experience remarkable change by practicing these simple massages, for 3 minutes a day for 3 weeks."

flat chin (4 times)
With the feeling of wrapping the face, put the bones of both hands on the jaw line and press for 4 seconds. When doing this, close your mouth. Also, at this time, make sure that the other fingers are not touching your face and the arms should be opened at 45 degrees.

Square jaw (4 times)
Place the bones of both hands on the temporal bone and hold the line next to the tip of the spare jaw with the thumb. Keep your mouth closed and push it forward with your thumb, for 4 seconds.

Lantern jaw (4 times)
Both hands are rolled in a circle. Put your thumb in the lower jaw as far as possible to act as a lever. Stimulate the tip of the chin for 2 seconds with the bone next to the second knuckles of the index finger. (Photo credit: Paperbook)

<Secret of Young Look> has introduced a self-bone massage based on the know-how of the bone massage skills accumulated over many years. The simple jaw massages are introduced in this book. You can experience remarkable change by practicing those three massages for three minutes a day for three weeks.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


In preparation for the upcoming summer vacation season, we have prepared for those who are focusing on shaping up. What is a day-to-day exercise that helps you create perfect body?

We will learn about the 3-minute-a-day chest exercises that can be done easily without any special preparation. Let's take a look at the lifestyle and dietary habits that can be practiced to make 'beautiful breast-making exercise routine' recommended by Yakson House.

"Can you make beautiful breasts with a small lifestyle improvement?"

It is important to have elastic and conical shape of breast than the size. In fact, through exercises, since it is the temporary muscular development that brings up the size of the breasts, it cannot increase the size of actual breasts, themselves.

The breast is composed of mammary glands and fat. Therefore, in order to increase the volume of the breast, it is good to have proper fat, as well as foods containing protein, such as tofu, beans and milk. With this, steadily consume vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals. Eating foods that promote female hormones is also effective in making the breasts more voluminous.

It is good to wear proper underwear such as bra to carefully catch the line of the breasts. It is necessary to always collect both breasts as they are fluid fat. At this time, the cup of the bra should be one size larger, and the bottom size of the bra should be a little wide so that it makes your breasts healthy.

Improving lifestyle can also be an effective way to form the beautiful breasts. It is important to maintain correct posture without crouching your back. The habit of crouching your shoulders may deform your breast shape badly. To prevent this, it is important to stretch your back and muscles straight to settle the shape of the breasts that were shrank. If you usually stretch your back and shoulders for about three minutes a day, it will naturally help you improve your breast shapes.

There is also a simple exercise that you can easily do in your vacant time, such as when standing in the bus or when taking a short break after lunch. (1) Lift your heels, (2) collect and stretch the two hands together to the sky. This simple exercise can be done three times a day (for 3 minutes) to make elastic breast lines and shapes.

As mentioned earlier, the way to make beautiful breasts ranges from diverse categories such as lifestyle, posture and simple exercise. One thing to add here is to love and to have dates.
A good day like these days, why don’t you meet a nice man and have a relationship? The dopamine produced by the emotions of love not only improves the color of your skin and skin, but also increases the female hormone, which may naturally lead to a feminine and sexy body curve.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


As everyone knows, a marathon really improves health, especially lung capacity. Therefore, more and more people are participating in the marathon these days. Various marathon events also provide opportunities for the participants to strengthen their physical strength and time to relieve stress.

Let's take a look at how to walk well and run well to prepare for the marathons. Let’s also get familiar with advantages of marathons in our health and our lives, as well as what we need to do when running in the marathon.

People with lack of exercise, Get start the marathon!

In the 21st century, the human body is less subject to normal pressure. As the use of public transportation increases, people’s muscular strength and inhaling capacity got weakened, and it is time to exercise to improve them.

At this time, walking and marathon can be good exercises for modern people. The best exercise is aerobic exercise. It is better to use muscles, bones, and joints, and it is better if you can remove body wastes. This has the effect of relaxing the mind as well as the body.

If you are just a beginner to marathon or have not experienced a lot, it is good to choose 5km, among the other courses (10km, half course, full course, etc.) It is less burdensome than other exercises and is easy to approach because it has the advantage of being able to do it together with both young and old.

However, it is important how to do it. Sometimes there are cases of “sudden death” in marathon that are reported in the news. The cause of the sudden death is because one did not prepare his or her physical strength.

Even though the physical strength and lung capacity conditions are not appropriate for the marathon, there are some people who forced themselves to run hard to set a good record. In that case, there will be a tendency that the participants would get sickness. Especially, muscle cramps and ankle injuries are common problems for the beginners of marathon.

Unless you are a marathon expert, it is better to aim at completing the run rather than running for the record. It is the best way to adjust the overall pace as you are in the long race.

Well-fit sneakers and base stretch, First preparations for the marathon

The most important thing when running is the “running shoes.” It is best to choose shoes that match your foot size. It is appropriate that a finger is inserted between the tip of the toe and the shoe. And of course it should be comfortable. If it is too tight, it is not good because it gives a feeling of pressure to the foot when racing.

Until 30 minutes before you start the marathon, do the simple jogging, gymnastics, and stretching. It is best to stretch your shoulders, waists, hips, knees and ankles in order, starting from the neck, and move only to the extent that you do not feel any pain by relaxing your rarely-used-muscles.

It is good to drink a small amount of beverage given every 5km section. It is effective because it can reduce thirst and dehydration. In long-term races over 10 km, consuming snacks such as chocolate can fill the exhausted energy. However, it should be only a small amount so that you will be very full.

It is also good to apply marathon in your daily life. You may have heard the story of 'walking fast is good for your health'. The aerobic exercise is one of the exercises that can be easily started by everyone, including the elderly because it is like fast walking. So, it is recommended for those who lack basic physical strength.

On the other hand, a light running or daily marathon can be considered as a comprehensive exercise that includes breathing, posture, and joints as a whole body exercise. It is a movement that can raise cardio-force and endurance together. It is a marathon that can be steadily done if a person has basic physical strength.

It is advisable to do a 30-minute marathon in daily life. If you start doing your marathon for 30 minutes with proper breathing and postures, after you have finished your warm-up, you will be able to get a feeling of well-being and sense of accomplishment at once.

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Monday, October 9, 2017


'The prides of a woman are bags and high heels' is a famous line that targets modern women regardless of the East and the West. If it is the bag that completes the style of the woman, whereas the fashion item which perk up the woman's body line is the innovative invention of mankind, “the high heels.”

It is well known that the higher the heel is, the more severely it affects our bodies. But it cannot be given up because it is considered to be "pride". So... is there any way to get health and beauty at the same time?

I have heard the advice of Yakson House about how to wear high heels smartly.

"Heels, obviously not good for health. It is the important to wear them wisely!"

It has already been proved through many researches that heels are not healthy. The biggest impact is on joints when you wear heals. Moreover, ankle and knee joints are also affected by your heels. It is also happening that the woman with high heels more likely have the 'duck ass' as she need to balance her body while walking. In addition, headache,
callus, and foot deformity may happen.

We all know that heels are bad for our health but it is also harsh to stop the instincts of heel-lovers who pursue “beauty”. It is wise for them to choose a less harmful way of wearing high heels

The higher the heel, the more beautiful it is. However, if you wear a heel above 6cm, the tiredness you feel increases more and more, every 1cm. If your height is not too small, it is recommended to wear heels not exceeding 6cm.

However, if you want to make your toes look special on special occasions, wear stockings then wear high heels to prevent foot tilting. If the weather is too hot to wear stockings, it is good to have a non-slip stuff.

When you get home, give yourself the right to rest your feet with plenty of foot massage and foot bath. The most hard-working part of our body is our feet but we often do not care for them. If you wash your feet as your often daily routine, you will be able to keep your feet healthy.
In addition, a serious disease such as athlete's foot can be caused by the bacteria and fungus in the shoes. There is a simple way to prevent this. If you dry your shoes with the hairdryer only about 30 seconds before you wear the shoes when going out, you can prevent the bacteria from breeding by removing the dampness.

When going out, be a woman who wears 'high-heels' with the wise tip! :)

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Friday, October 6, 2017


Celebrities' healthy and shiny hair is the attractive point that many guys like. Many women would have dreamed to achieve the beautiful long hair at least once in their life time. Is there any effective way to cure and recover the damaged hair?

Let's find out how to care your hair in order to achieve healthy and beautiful hair, together with "Yakson House".

For your hair, the best way is to avoid the dry environment. If your hair is dried and exposed to external stimuli, it will cause a lot of damage. It is like the principle that when hair is wet, it must be combed to prevent damage to hair.

Then, the hair that is shampooed almost every day, what should be the right way? It is best to wash your hair once every 2-3 days. It is also important to have plenty of water on the scalp and hair before shampooing and having conditioner. This is because the water prevents shampoo and conditioner (which contain a large amount of surfactant), directly enter into the scalp.

Also, shampoo and conditioner should be used with a lot of foam. Bubbles play a role in eliminating body waste materials in the pores. However, the conditioner, which has the tendency of blocking the air and pores, should be softly applied only to the hair part so that it does not touch the scalp.

If you already have damaged hair, I recommend the white-of-an-egg pack and the yolk hair treatment. The whites are a protein component, and the yolk has a lot of fat components, so it can be used as a proper nutrition supply for the hair that needs the protein and fat component. After putting the white and yolk hair treatment, put the hair cap on for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it with the shampoo and conditioner, and it is easy possible way to care your hair at home with simple steps.

Hair products that are readily available on the market are more chemical than natural materials, but have the advantage of being well absorbed through the chemical components added in. There are a variety of products such as hair treatments, hair essences, and hair packs. If the end-part of your hair is damaged, you can use a product that can strengthen your hair root. If your hair got thinner, you can use a product that can supply some protein to your hair.

Especially when summer is coming, you must avoid strong sunlight. When hair is exposed to ultraviolet rays, hair and skin aging is promoted. Moreover, ultraviolet rays, which are applied to hair, critically weaken your hair due to the generalization of hair-coloring and perm. To avoid UV rays, wearing a hat is not recommended because it blocks the pores so it is best to bring a sunshade.
So, why don’t you try the right way of caring your hair mentioned above? In order to achieve the dream of becoming a beauty with silky hair which is also an attractive factor for many guys.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Office worker “A” has been working in a company for a year. Her friends and “A” met after a long time. They did not see each other for a while due to busy working. Anyway, the most often heard words for “A” were about her appearance such as "Why you look so older and tired?," and "You look very old after a year."

Job stress felt in the office is significantly important to pay attention because it affects the employees’ physical and mental health, as well as the job satisfaction.

Overwork, irregular eating habits, and constant night-over-time are fetal risk factors for the employees. A global aesthetic brand “Yakson House” will introduce the impact of stress on human body and how to deal with such problems.
Stress is called the origin of all of the diseases. In particular, we, living in modern society, are more closely related to stress. Even the ability to control stress became a prerequisite when recruiting new employees in a company.

Stress has the most impact on liver, which is responsible for the immune system of our body. This can cause skin problems as well as muscle tension and blood circulation disorders. In addition to this, when you are stressed, your body may have heat coming up to your face, causing edema and enlarging your face.

Our mindset is the most important key to minimize stress, especially in a way to set clear goals. It is easier to control stress if you set specific goals, such as a certain financial goal or honorable achievement.
You must also abandon your excess greed and move on with your own beliefs and goals. It is a shortcut to get the stress to compare oneself with others and to be excessively dependent on the others’ words or advices.
Regular whole-body care and massage are another way to relieve stress. Stress can be alleviated because a person can feel sympathetic and loved by having such cares or therapies. Not only this, but also the mental health can be helped by the change of the appearance due to the beauty and health cares which leads an individual to love oneself, more than before.

On the other hand, the systematic and specialized therapy program of Yakson is not only relaxing the minds and bodies of the customers, but also has a great beauty effect that many office workers visit to relieve their stress and to obtain genuine beauty.

Let's be a smart employee who is free from stress by the basic mind-set and the management method which relaxes the body and mind, referring the tips mentioned earlier.

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Monday, October 2, 2017


Let's look into a mirror if you want to look pretty for someone on your mind. Previous researches showed that both “well-balanced” face and body look more attractive to the opposite sex.
Celebrities are also loved by the public with their individual features, but all of them have something in common. The bilateral symmetry of both sides of their face look nice and most of them have balanced face and harmonious eyes.
Today, let’s check how to make a balanced face, which is the primary condition of the symmetrical face and body. This will also guide you to have the charming impression.

Actually, most people have tiny or big facial asymmetry because it comes from the trivial 'lifestyle'. The causes of facial asymmetry are largely congenital and/or acquired, such as habit and posture.

Interestingly, it is also closely related to dental health. Because of uncomfortable teeth, an individual becomes to chew using one side of the teeth and there, that actually causes asymmetry. In addition, when the wrong sleeping habit, scoliosis, and/or pelvic imbalance happen(s), it leads to facial asymmetry.

If you have problems such as inflammation of the jaw joints, you should consider the secondary problem even if you are completely recovered because this can also lead to asymmetry since the other parts of the jaw muscle are heavily used while the problematic part is being cured.

This is the reason why many variables and habits in our lives causing facial asymmetry. Therefore, conscious management and lifestyle improvement are needed. Parents should focus in balancing the face of their children from their childhood, and should also try to discard the habit of resting the chin on hands and the habit of leaning on one foot.

It is also helpful to exercise regularly. Fitness training involves a lot of exercises, so it helps to harmonize muscles of both sides of the body.

In addition, the facial balance care of Yakson House, which is famous for bone therapy, helps to obtain a balanced face without having a high risk of plastic surgery (such as bimaxillary operation). Yakson aims at scientific cares that carefully consider the linkages of the 206 bones of our body.

The coccyx, which helps us to balance our body and manages the pelvic bones and spine; keeps the skeleton straight. Through managing coccyx, facial asymmetry is managed organically. It has a reputation as a way to manage the fundamental parts of our body sequentially rather than mere meridian massage.

It is basically necessary to check your habits and consciously stretch your face and body for a balanced face that gives a nice impression. In addition, through exercise and professional care, a balanced face and body line can be obtained without any plastic surgery.

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